• We help businesses

    create positive social impact

    through skill-based volunteering

    and targeted philanthropy

  • Finding Purpose Beyond Profits

    We believe in connecting people, companies, and communities to drive innovation and opportunity for social good

    August West Consulting develops corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs with focus on skill-based volunteering and targeted philanthropy. We help companies make a positive social impact by uncovering brand values, matching employee skills with community needs, and identifying unique philanthropic opportunities.


    It's essential that a company has a shared vision and common language to set goals, develop strategies, implement programs, and track progress. It doesn't matter what you call it — corporate social responsibility, citizenship, or sustainability.

    A Focus on Small, Growth-Phase, and Midsize Businesses

    It makes sense to introduce CSR standards early on in business activities. For many medium and large companies it is difficult to integrate CSR strategies in already grown and established structures. Let's ensure that your company never has to worry about that.


    August West can provide your company with the benefits of corporate social responsibility even if you don't have the resources of a Fortune 500 company.

    Working with August West

    We offer clients strategic guidance, a value-aligned brand purpose playbook, and a network of nonprofit and community organizations to help build collaborative partnerships and frameworks that can achieve lasting change.

    If you wish to discuss an engagement, please contact us.

  • Why It Matters

    Research-Backed Reasons Your Brand Needs to be Socially Responsible

    Attracting Talent

    53% of workers and 73% of students say that having a job where they can “make an impact” is very important or essential to their happiness

    Employee Engagement

    90% of companies identified increased employee engagement as one of the top three benefits of their volunteer programs

    Bottom Line

    55% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact

    The Millennial Factor

    80% of millennials want to work for a company that contributes to society. 62% are willing to take a pay cut to work for a responsible company

    Investor Bias

    78% of shareholders who rate a company’s philanthropy favorably will continue to invest

    Reduced Turnover

    Companies with fully committed CSR programs can reduce worker turnover by as much as 50%

  • The Process

    We utilize a 3-step process that actively involves businesses in designing new community engage programs that reflect an organization's values, passions, and strengths.


    Your company will uncover and leverage a new layer of your brand's identity; make a lasting impact by sharing your team's subject-matter expertise skills and living your brand's unique values; and communicate the success of your program.


    Identify values, unique skills, and potential partners


    Broker non-profit partnership and facilitate volunteering and philanthropy


    Promote the process and the results. Optimize for future activities

    • About Ben

      Founder and Principal

      I've spent over a decade operating at the crossroads of partnership development, social impact, and technology, with a proven track record of success in strategizing, launching, and supporting complex partnerships and cutting-edge campaigns.


      I was accountable for both autonomously directing client engagements and developing projects into more substantial long-term relationships at the Fortune 500, Startup, and Nonprofit levels. These experiences taught me to translate complex messaging to varied audiences including executive, technical, non-technical, business, and consumer. I'm known for my entrepreneurial mindset and high energy style.


      My time on various Nonprofit advisory boards gave me first-hand access to the unique challenges they faced and demonstrated the need for outside support from companies, in both skill-based volunteering and philanthropic capacities.


      In a world where exponential change is the only constant, success requires a combination of subject matter expertise and strategic guidance. I can provide you with both. And in today's climate, somebody needs to protect fragile ideas from corporate conservatism and myopic thinking - might as well be me.


      I have developed strategies and executed volunteering activities for companies and non-profits, such as:


      Bank of America

      Broadridge Financial Solutions



      FIS Global (formally SunGard)

      General Assembly


      Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

      Mars, Incorporated


      Morgan Stanley

      Ralph Lauren

      The Animation Project

      Boys and Girls Club of Paterson/Passaic

      NYC Dept of Education


      Yoga Foster


    • Contact

      Drop me a line and I will respond as soon as possible.

    • FAQ

      What makes you different from legacy CSR consultants?

      Instead of dropping a PowerPoint of best practices on you, we work directly with your leadership and teams to developed a value-aligned strategy for specific context and culture.

      I'm not sure we're ready to fully launch a CSR program, how can we start working together?

      I'm quite good at facilitating workshops and inspiring new perspectives on purpose-driven corporate activities. If you don't have a workshop planned, invite me in for 45-minute speaking engagement on the future of corporate citizenship.

      How long is a typical engagement with August West Consulting?

      If we're engaged in the full program design process, you can typically anticipate 3 months of time, with a good part of that including on-site engagement with your team. We've tried different ways to make the discovery and alignment process happen faster, but ultimately we're attempting to design and implement a sustainable program intended to grow alongside your brand. Timelines for other offerings vary.

      What's the best way to determine if we should work together?

      Good question! We usually propose a 90-minute in-person workshop between your leadership and Ben. We'll map your ambitions, roadblocks, and steps forward. It's a fast and effective way for both parties to explore working together.